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Becoming me

I have spent many of my days thinking about what i want in life, fantasizing about things and not living in the moment.

Recently i have been “called out” regarding my behavior by my best friend. Now, we have had this same talk in the past. The talk about my made up world and if you get down to it, lies, i guess.

So obviously I’m not a fully honest girl. Im the master unnecessary liar. I exaggerate my life in hopes of being liked more. I bet anyone reading this thinks I’m under the age of 18. No. Sadly I’m 28 and behave this way.

But Im old enough to know i need to change. Ive lost friendships and never built close relationships because of this. So I’m on my journey.

One of my closest friends gave me a book on the Sedona method. I really think it could work but its too complicated for me right now. I need the basics.

I was recommended a book on the teaching of mindfulness. Tonight I’m buying it on amazon and will start my journey of finding myself.

Ill be updating this blog to track my progress and will get into detail with my findings. I know im not alone in my actions and maybe i can find people who also want to change their life.

Here’s to day one.

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