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Use your manners, please!

on February 7, 2013

So we have a huge blizzard on the way. Even worse, I live in the impact zone. Possibly 30+ inches. JT and I went to the grocery store to get the essentials. We really needed batteries and milk. After crafting a detailed list, which I suck at, I prepared to shop. Everyone had the same idea and Shaw’s was nuts. People were in a hurry and that was fine by me. We stopped at the end of the isle where soda was 3/$12 and we started discussing if it was smarter to get that or the two liter bottles. While talking, another woman and her daughter entered into the isle an walked three feet or so in front us, browsing the chip selection. JT and I were still comparing cost while another woman with a filled cart tried to enter the isle. Now at this point, he and I are blocking one half and the other woman and her daughter is blocking the other side. Its clearly a tight squeeze to get in. The lady trying to get in starts staring at me, meanly. I was a bit startled and looked right back. She did not take her eyes from mine. JT had decided on soda and was filling the cart. After a minute (yes that long) of a staring contest I told him to move and let her pass. She rudely pushed through. As she walked by I couldn’t stop myself and said my rude comment. “Excuse me works nine times out of ten”. She glared at me and I walked away. Not good karma on my side, but excuse me would have done the trick. I should have been sugary sweet. Manners work on both sides, I guess.


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