The Lazy Little Girl

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the lazy little girl

on February 4, 2013

Today starts my journey to freedom. I’m currently enslaved to procrastination. After loosing my job, being boat loads in debt, and having nasty mood swings, I’m taking my life back.

For a little back story, I’m a very lazy girl outside of work. I’m a very hard worker and take pride in what I do. The reason for my layoff had nothing to do with my work ethic. It was political, but crushed me nonetheless. But after work when I went home I did nothing. Not a thing. Laundry piled up on my floor. I ran out of things to wear to work so I’d buy new clothes. I would do maybe a load a week of towels and lounge wear. Bills went unpaid, I was afraid to use my debit card, and never knew what was in my account. I was afraid of my bills and money in general. I was living in fear.

I could go on forever and explain all the ways in my life that I’ve been lazy, but that’s not what this is about. This is my journal/gateway to the outside world.


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