The Lazy Little Girl

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Last but not least….Red


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All magic comes at a price dearie.



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I love Once Upon a Time


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Job interview today!!!

I am interviewing at 1 today! I’m so excited!


Random Thoughts

Watch for fireflies,
They keep the light.

Please don’t analyze,
You’ll loose the sight.

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Thinking about you

I love you jake! Thinking about you always and hope you’re feeling better. You’re a hero.

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Do you ever find yourself searching for something? I often find that my memory is not very good. I misplace everything. From car keys to wallets, nothing is safe. I placed my keys on top of the fridge yesterday. No reason for it. Just setting the stage.

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There was a light at the end of the tunnel,
Until the sun went down.

There was a dark whispering cover,
Illuminating the sound.

Of cowards praising those of no better,
The liars and thieves hide truth.

And canny whispers of those judging,
Me and what I do.

And if that light could lead me home,
I’m avoiding that direction.

Not because I want to,
But lack of simple perfection.

I was never able to follow you there,
Because of what I lost.

But please forgive me the mistakes I’ve made,
For I have paid the cost.

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Tons of snow

We have 29″ of snow this morning and are a bit trapped. We had snow all night and live on the wrong side of the street. We got all of their snow. I’ll post pictures soon.

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